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We offer everything you need to ensure your 360 Degree Feedback and Performance Appraisal processes are efficient and effective.



Learn how to:

  • Design a 360 degree questionnaire
  • Choose the best rating scale
  • Decide on the most effective style of report
  • Conduct face-to-face debriefs



Learn how to:

  • Design your appraisal form
  • Tackle the links to performance related pay
  • Include competencies
  • Reflect your overall objectives

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Training for line managers

A performance appraisal conversation is only one part of a cycle of performance management conversations throughout the year.

We offer 'Meaningful Conversations' training modules so Line Managers are skilled in all of these

  • Setting Objectives
  • Giving Feedback
  • Coaching
  • Appraisals

Training for employees

Performance Management conversations are an opportunity for two-way, open and honest conversation, so ensuring your employees are also prepared is a key factor for success.

We can build their confidence and capabilities through our large-scale 'Coffee Conversations' facilitated events.

Conducting debriefs

The recipient needs to come away with a balanced understanding of their feedback – the debriefer needs to be curious and exploratory in their questioning; it's not enough that there is a conversation, it's the quality of that conversation which counts.

We can conduct face-to-face debriefs or can train your own people to conduct them effectively.

Insightful reports

Software can generate lots of graphs, charts and stats, but does it provide insight? Our Matrix report is ideal in supporting a conversation about development.

If we have conducted the face-to-face debriefs then we can provide even greater insight; we get a lot of information about your organisation; we bring these individual, group and strategically important themes together with the aggregated data from the 360 programme into a summary analysis which we then present to you.

Questionnaire design

Too long and fatigue sets in, comments fall away and people don't get the best feedback they deserve

We design 360 questionnaires that focus on the behaviours you really want people having conversations about.

Appraisal form design

One that is fit for purpose and serves the needs of the individual and the business.

We design performance appraisal forms that focus on the areas you really want people having conversations about.


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Andrew Giles, HR Business Partner and Training Manager, RCI Financial Services Ltd (Wholly owned subsidiary of Renault S.A)

We engaged Bowland Solutions to support our Account Manager Development programme. We found working with Bowland Solutions to be professional and informal which resulted in a good working relationship.

The tools on offer suited our criteria and the transition from paper to the finished working platform was easy and to a high standard. The implementation was well managed and the delivery and support was excellent.

RCI FS benefited from an outstanding piece of work which enabled us to build our next step in our Account Manager Development programme. RCI FS would recommend Bowland Solutions as an excellent partner in 360 degree/180 degree feedback.

Richard Emanuel, Chief Operating Officer, RPC

We recently returned to Bowland for a landmark programme involving over 200 of our most senior people worldwide.

The firm obtained 3 very valuable outcomes from it: robust management data that told us where to focus our investment in learning and development, so we put every £ where it will do most good; an uplift in personal skills – not just from the recipient group but from over 400 people who practised giving constructive feedback; and finally the target group found the one-to-one debrief meetings to be milestones in their professional development.

Anita Williams, Head of Leaning and Development, LeasePlan UK

Having contacted numerous 360 providers, Bowland Solutions were the only people that were able to design and develop a bespoke platform from which we were able to support our robust performance management process within timelines and budget.

They did an excellent job to the point that we are now partnering with them for further enhancements to our online 360 system.

Jennifer McCanna, Learning & Development, VSO International

VSO have had a very positive experience working with Bowland Solutions to introduce a performance management system that works for all our colleagues, many of whom work on a low band width, experiencing frequent IT challenges.

I have been particularly impressed with Bowland’s solution-focused approach, flexibility and a unique combination of IT and HR expertise, which means I often rely on them for ‘sense checking’ our own thinking, as well as building a system that supports it.

The team are friendly and responsive to work with, and I would recommend them to organisations in all sectors.

MARIA ANDERSON, EMEA Learning and Development Director, Momentum

Bowland Solutions provided us an absolute professional service from beginning to end. Their advice, support and personal approach was invaluable as well as their flexibility to work towards and around our business needs. A pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend.

Jayne Barrett, Learning & Development Manager, Elmwood Design

The people at Bowland Solutions are think-ers and do-ers. I needed people to help me think through the content of our online 360 appraisal leadership programme, and I needed people to build the system and get it up and running. Bowland are experts in both areas. And nothing is ever too much trouble, which makes it a pleasure to work with them.

Nicholas Stockley, Learning & Development, Revlon

Bowland came to Revlon tasked with designing a 360 Feedback tool for use in three of our EMEA office locations. Not only was the project flawlessly executed against tight deadlines, but it also culminated in a bespoke, user-friendly system that perfectly matched our requirements. Their collaborative approach meant the design and implementation of the system was painless.

Gabriela Hammond, Human Resources Manager, VEKA PLC

Initially we contacted Bowland to find out what 360 was all about, they talked us through the process to help us determine if it was for us, helpful discussions such as this with no obligation are something you don't often find these days!

All our contacts from Sales, Training, Admin and Design/Set-up, talked us through the process and allowed for a very smooth and stress free set up, responding to any query helpfully and promptly.

We recently undertook training for our Director Team on giving 360 feedback. The training was excellent, taking the members through several scenarios which they might encounter and gave practical advice on how to deal with potentially difficult situations; the role play exercises gave the opportunity to try out different approaches and the resulting feedback was constructive and insightful. At the end of the training the Directors felt fully equipped and confident to be able to undertake the debriefing sessions with their team members. We have now used Bowland Solutions for over 2 years and we look forward to continuing with our ongoing 360 development improvements

Rachel Shadwell, Head of Learning & Development, Digicel

I contacted Bowland Solutions to help us build a bespoke multi-lingual 360 feedback tool with a Johari Window...there was a 3 month turnaround timeline and Bowland were absolutely great. I found them to be very creative, flexible and efficient even when dealing with our many changes.

They have been extremely professional in terms of the system implementation and support, and no request was ever too big or too difficult. We have now been able to introduce a very professional, trustworthy feedback tool to support our leadership development in Digicel as a result. Thank you to all who helped in Bowland Solutions.

Pascale Goy, Head of Performance Management & Learning Service, HR Division, WTO

Following a tendering process WTO procured the services of Bowland Solutions to implement an online performance management system.

The professionalism, expertise and flexibility of the team has been instrumental in planning, organizing, testing and implementing this new system within deadlines.

Introducing an online tool for performance management in the WTO was a real challenge in many ways : IT approach, different look from former paper versions, a rigorous process based on managerial accountability, etc. With the continuous assistance and guidance of Bowland solutions, the HR team successfully achieved this objective.

The online system is simple, clear with a clean look. Its implementation took place in very smooth conditions over four months. Its user friendliness has been the most attractive element for the staff, some comments include : "the work and feel of the product matches very closely the needs expressed by the WTO senior management", "an excellent design, straightforward and self-explanatory". It has been easy to customize the layout and the process according to WTO preferences.

The system supports a multiple language feature which is fundamental in a public international organization like ours. Supporting staff enquiries about the system in an autonomous way has been made possible with only half an hour training with the HR team.

Extracting multiple reports to meet organizational needs can be done on a regular basis or at any time. As a result, choosing Bowland Solutions was just a perfect match for the WTO !

Jennifer Mead, HR Manager, D Young

Bowland Solutions worked with us to implement a 360 degree Partner feedback programme. I found them to be extremely knowledgeable, very professional and relied immensely on their valuable advice and guidance on making this programme a success.

I would highly recommend Bowland Solutions.

Sarah Purkis, Group HR Director, World Duty Free

World Duty Free has worked with Bowland Solutions recently to create our on-line 'bespoke' appraisal & 360 tool.

Having known the team for some time I can honestly say that it was excellent to work with them again in creating a solution, that now several months on, has created a simpler and more efficient way to record development and objectives for our total business.

I cannot recommend Bowland solutions enough

Antony Heaven, Director of HR, Westminster Drug Project

WDP has successfully used Bowland Solutions for 360 feedback on a number of occasions, most recently for our senior management team. We come back to Bowland Solutions because they are skilled and flexible and because they take the time to understand our needs. They host a branded 360 site for us which makes electronic completion of the 360 survey itself simple and straightforward.

Most effective and most valuable, however, has been the debriefing process. Each member of the SMT has had a confidential one-to-one debrief with John Rice from Bowland Solutions to consider their individual strengths and areas for development. This year at the end of the process we added an SMT group debriefing, also facilitated by John. The purpose of this group debrief was to identify key team and organisational themes coming out of the 360 process.

I would definitely recommend this additional stage as it adds value to the whole process and enables the SMT to focus on its core strengths.

Janet Orgill, Learning and Development Manager, Browne Jacobson

The greatest value added for us of using Bowland Solutions for the 360 feedback process is in the quality of the coaching support we receive which really helps our senior managers to focus on the strengths they display as well as creating a platform for their future development.

Lisa Martin, Training & Development Manager, East Midlands Trains

I organised for Bowland Solutions to deliver an in-house 360 degree feedback debriefs training session. I found the session to be very rewarding and it gave me clarity on the best practice approach to conducting debrief sessions.

John put me at ease and related the training to my personal needs and fully answered all the questions I had. He made great use of his materials and I must say the training has given me peace of mind and confidence to deliver debriefs to people within my organisation.

Paul Robinson, Director of Human Resources, Trowers & Hamlins LLP

The team at Bowland Solutions are a pleasure to do business with. They understand their client and demystify a sometimes jargon filled area with clear practical advice and pragmatic solutions.

On each occasion I have worked with them they have gained instant credibility with the senior partners and have demonstrated a personal commitment and pride to see the project through to a successful completion. Most notably, their support in conducting the face-to-face 360 degree feedback debriefs with all our partners was very well received and a significant component in the overall effectiveness of the programme.

I would not hesitate to work with them again.

Maria LaMonaca Sr. OD/Training Consultant Legal & General America

We had the opportunity to work with Bowland Solutions to assist us in introducing core behaviors to our entire workforce of 500 people. Bowland’s design solution of "Coffee Conversations" assisted our employees in embracing the new way of behaving. All facilitators were skilled in leading our teams through the session and bringing forth salient points from the conversations. The concrete take away of "storyboards" with a visual picture of conversations was a wonderful take-away for our employees. It was a great pleasure for us to work with the Bowland Solutions Team.

Paul Ward, Managing Partner, Pantheon

We found working with Bowland on both our Performance Appraisal and 360 Degree Feedback projects very constructive. Their approach did not feel formulaic in any way. It felt tailored to what we needed and we didn’t feel pushed in a particular direction.

It was very much a conversation that led to the right outcome, so our experience has been very positive with their support making a significant difference and improving the process that we went through.

Nova Heather, Learning & Development Manager, Avios

We have really valued Bowland Solution's collaborative approach, knowledge and experience. John has always been on hand to lend advice, guidance and support even before I had engaged their services. Their knowledge is second to none, and with it comes passion and energy. Our requirements demanded a fast turn around and Bowland were flexible and quick to respond to our needs. A highly valued service that I have no hesitation in recommending.

Suzanne Hulls, Human Resources Director, Farrer & Co.

We met with over 20 suppliers over an 18 month period. We designed selection criteria and assessed the selected suppliers against it....Bowland Solutions scored significantly higher than all other suppliers on the criteria.

Brendan and John both demonstrated their knowledge of professional services firms, and in-particular law firms. They really took the time to understand how the firm works and what we were trying to achieve.

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Bowland Solutions and are impressed by their clear desire to continue to treat us as an important client after we had signed up with them and implemented the system.

Sigrid Feder, Alliance Director, CBRE Global Workplace Solutions

John and the Bowland team were a pleasure to work with and truly provided an impactful 360 degree feedback program for our team. One word that comes to mind immediately is 'professional' -- in the sense that they worked with us every step of the way to deeply understand our objectives and translate that into a program which resonated with our core values as a company.

John was able to artfully communicate the 360 feedback to the participants, both individually and as a group, with empathy for areas of opportunity while skillfully drawing out nuances that both challenged and broadened their perspective.

Having Bowland as a trusted partner and outside perspective has both enhanced our leadership programming and given our participants a solid foundation on which to continue building their careers.

Helen Saunders, Human Resources and Knowledge Manager, Forum for the Future

Last year we engaged Bowland Solutions to work with us on transferring our out of date appraisal system to an online system, which ensured all staff had targets that were in line with our organisational priorities and key performance indicators. Our appraisal and PDP online forms are bespoke to our needs, and staff have engaged with the new practise of quarterly reviews of targets.

The staff at Bowland have been responsive to our needs from the start: from setting up the system to providing training on giving effective feedback and delivering feedback in appraisals as we prepare for these in the new year.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Bowland Solutions.

Sian Evans, Head of HR, Evercore

We asked Bowland to deliver their 'Meaningful Conversations' training to our senior managers and leadership team. Their approach is always professional, and so working with them has been a delight and very easy.

They took time to understand our specific needs and responded flexibly to the pressures we faced with the time participants could make available to attend the training.

The feedback from participants has been very positive; they were engaged, felt it was well delivered and useful, and enjoyed the facilitator's style.

I would certainly recommend Bowland.

Lena Ubhi, Head of Talent, Learning & Diversity EMEA, CBRE

We have been working with Bowland for a number of years and their support in helping us with our 360 degree feedback programmes has been fantastic.

They have great expertise in questionnaire design, provide a very efficient service and support with the on-line software, and skillfully conduct the face-to-face debriefs to help individuals get the most from their 360 report.

Almost as importantly, our senior leadership team engage really well with Bowland and respond to them, which is often key to the success of these initiatives.

Mark Strong, Regional Learning Director, McCann North America

Bowland has been a tremendous partner to McCann Erickson. They helped us develop a bespoke 360 program for our key executives across North America. John and his team conducted the live debriefs with all participants who were thrilled with the productive and actionable feedback they received in the process. I highly recommend Bowland for any simple or complex 360 feedback program.


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  • Forms designed to your requirements
  • Workflow set by you
  • Multi-lingual capability
  • Central administration
  • Integrates with 360 degree feedback

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  • Simple administration
  • Your competencies and questions
  • Various reporting options
  • Integrates with Performance Appraisal


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Through our experience we have found that efficiency comes about with a well thought out process, good form & questionnaire design and a move online.

Effectiveness comes through ensuring the quality of the conversations at the heart of these processes go well.


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