Feel the fear and do it anyway..

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I recently presented to the senior executive team at a prospective client, with a view to allay their fears around the idea of introducing 360 degree feedback for the first time.

It reminded me that for many organisations, the concept is quite alien to them, and with this lack of knowledge of what it is and how it works, there is an understandable fear that needs to be brought into the open.

I had anticipated many of the questions; how do you handle anonymity? Who should choose the respondents? Who will see my report? To a large extent, their concerns diminished and they became more open to the idea as we progressed.

However, I realised that there would always be some fear that would remain until they had actually been through the process – but like nervousness before a presentation, that little bit of fear is no bad thing….it can help to focus peoples attention on the need to do it right, to be sensitive to everyone involved and to work hard to ensure it is successful.

I am pleased to say that they have decided to proceed with us and I know that they will not be cavalier in their approach having taken time to feel the fear and do it anyway!


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