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We often advertise how flexible we are with the way we report or score 360 degree appraisals.  We do not dictate whether you use spider graphs, bar charts, frequency maps, or a myriad of report formats.  We also avoid constraining people on their rating scales.

While it is correct that Bowland Solutions should not restrict our clients I do think some restraint is required in the interests of the recipients.  Unless there is a standard rating scale in your organisation that everyone is set to, then a simple set of responses (e.g. Strength, Appropriate, Development Need) is clear and clean.  If you require some form of scoring for team based reports or organisational analysis then 1, 2, and 3 work very well.

We are seeing an increasing trend to complicate the scoring (ignore scores below 2, 1/2 point scoring, percentages that are not percentages).  While this may suit the corporate requirement it can only complicate the feedback for the individual.

I re-iterate that we make no constraint on the client requirement and there are often very good reasons why a complex scale is required…but if I was starting with a clean piece of paper I would keep the rating scale very, very simple. 


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