Online 360 degree appraisals

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Online versus paper

As a provider of online 360 degree appraisalsit will come as no surprise that we see value in moving the processaway from paper-based. If you are having to make the case for aninvestment in a 360 degree appraisal system then here is a list of what we see as thekey benefits. Some obvious, some less so.

  • Reduced administrative overload – the key reason people approach us
  • Flexibility on questionnaires – it is very simple to have subsets of questions for peers compared to direct reports, say. You could do this on paper, but I wouldn’t recommend it!
  • Able to monitor and chase progress easily
  • Higher completion rates. I’m sure someone has worked out why, but people respond to email better than they respond to paper.
  • Great flexibility on reporting – and reporting is instant
  • Reduced ongoing cost
  • Simple routes to get consolidated reports – that analyse strengths and weaknesses over a range of demographic information
  • Integrate into your performance review process – the link to performance appraisals may not be direct but the administration can easily be linked
  • Repeating the process is trivial

Frankly,for more than 10 people I would not consider a paper-based 360 process.And even for smaller numbers, solutions like our self-service 360 make more sense than paper.  Bowland Solutions would of course be delighted to speak with you if you are looking to move online!


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