Performance Appraisals are a waste of time

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That was the BBC headline story a few days ago, citing the results of a survey conducted by ‘Investors in People’.

The report is interesting in that a large amount of discontent with performance appraisals arose from the appraisers ability (we mean a ‘Manager’) to do a good job both at the appraisal session and during the year itself.

Staff felt that managers had been dishonest, not provided feedback during the year, hadn’t tackled issues, and were in some cases simply ‘ticking boxes’.

Underneath all of this I suspect are two groups of people, both staff and managers, who actually do believe that appraisals are not a waste of time, IF they are handled correctly.

Staff do want feedback on how they are doing, otherwise they wouldn’t complain about not getting any throughout the year, and similarly managers are often just crying out for the skills and a time efficient way of conducting appraisals.

I think there is an opportunity for both parties to come together on this and both take some more responsibility to make appraisals work – and as ever there are online tools which can help them do the job by providing the ability to pass documents between them & collaborate more easily on appraisal forms, with many of our clients looking to devolve the whole process more and more to the employee themself.



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