The art of meaningful conversations

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We are in the process of revamping our website and our marketing collateral to better reflect our ‘brand’ within the field of online 360 degree appraisals, performance reviews and stakeholder surveys.

As we discussed this topic, it became clear that we had evolved considerably since the early days of Bowland Solutions – not just in what we could offer our clients by way of solutions, but also in what we valued ourselves.

It was apparent that we all held a deep rooted belief in the power of feedback for individuals, and that given quality feedback, individuals would on the whole make better choices – choices around how they should develop themselves and/or improve their performance in the workplace.

This then lead on to another belief, which was that it was when there was a meaningful conversation about that quality feedback, between the individual and a skilled coach, mentor or line manager, that those choices would be even better still – the process of sharing the feedback with someone who can guide the individual through from understanding the feedback to taking action was crucial.

And so, a set of statements began to crystallise, which we feel captures what it is Bowland Solutions is really about…..not just a provider of online 360 degree feedback solutions and alike, which is part of what we do, but rather a believer in the whole process of encouraging quality feedback to make meaningful conversations happen.

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