360 Degree Feedback Debriefs – Training Tips

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I recently ran our training programme with a client, “How to conduct effective 360 degree feedback debriefs”, where we train internal HR and other staff how to share a report with the recipient of 360 feedback.

Fundamentally, we see the primary aim is to ensure the recipient understands what the feedback is saying; thereafter it is necessary to get a degree of acceptance from them before helping them determine what actions they wish/need to take as a result of the is feedback i.e. Changes in day-to-day behaviours or undertaking some other focused development activity.

As a consequence of these aims, it places the ‘debriefer’ firmly in the role of someone trying to ‘explore’ the report with the recipient.

Very often I see delegates on the programme, who ask evaluative questions during the role-played debrief sessions, rather than exploratory ones:

“Do you think you are a good leader?”
“Do you feel that you should do this rather than that?”

These questions forgo the chance to review the feedback itself, which is the main aim; better questions are more inquistive in nature:

“Have you had this type of feedback before?”
“What might have prompted someone to give you this feedback, do you think?”

The latter encourage more reflection and help the individual absorb the feedback more readily.


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