Forward thinking competency framework

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I mentioned in a previous post that I am working on a presentation to a client outlining the benefits of a competency framework to their organisation and discussing how to put one into practice.

They are likely to use the framework as part of their performance review process.  In ensuring that Bowland Solutions current thinking is up to date with developments I have been doing some research.

The noise in the journals is around a criticism that competency frameworks can be backward looking – they describe what the organisation has done rather than what it should do.  This isn’t new in academic literature but is beginning to show up in industry references.

The gist of the recommendations is not overly different from what we would have considered good practice anyway.  In developing your framework you should look heavily at what the company needs to do effectively in the future.  You use the organisational strategy to influence the design of the framework.  Another useful area for some companies would be to model the best performing competitors and determine which behaviours are leading to their success.

If you are going to use a competency framework in 360 degree feedback or as part of an appraisal form then it is clearly in your interest that the behaviours you are seeking are those that are going to drive your company forward.


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