Integrating your HR systems

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Not the sort of thing we normally concentrate on, but I was reading an article in HR Zone on integrating HR systems.

The article considers the merits of having one overall system (the SAPs of this world) with having best of breed solutions for say your 360 degree or performance appraisal systems.

There is a fledgling solution out their for integrating such services (HRXML).  Such a solution allows some like Bowland Solutions to send packets of information to a central HR service such as Oracle or SAP in a standard way.  This allows the central piece of software to report back in an holistic manner on the individual.

We are capable of generating an HRXML feed – although I have to say we have never been asked to do it by a client. 

I would recommend going the “best of breed” route for software.  We may be biased but you are likely to start with a payroll provider – ‘cos that’s the most important thing!  But there is a world of difference between payroll software and 360 degree or performance review software.  A successful 360 implementation arrives by ensuring that the admin is unimportant – it is the debrief that matters.  Payroll administration is a very different area.  I’d rather have the problem of integrating software than have the problem of having sub-standard software that doesn’t need integrating.

Take a look at the article – it is an interesting read on a dull topic.


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