Performance Appraisals – Good Practice in making them work

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We recently completed a project with a client who had implemented our online performance appraisal system for the first time.

The success of the project, measured by near 100% completion rates within the given time period, was naturally due to many factors; a simple to use system interface, well designed forms that worked well online and an overseeing & dedicated administrator to maintain the momentum.

It will probably come as no surprise that it is this latter factor that still plays a very important role in the success of any appraisal process – the system cannot be expected to drive the process, it is simply there as an enabler.

It is important to communicate the benefits of the new system, to post notices through the different channels available reminding people to complete their appraisals, to offer helpdesk support, to engage with both line managers and employees alike to want to to complete the task.

As Samuel Johnson once wrote, “Man needs more to be reminded than instructed”..and I think this holds true for performance appraisals – a nudge here and there go a long way.


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