Growth in demand for 360 degree feedback

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Bowland Solutions has been seeing a growth in demand for 360 feedabck – in particular a demand for a full 360 degree appraisal service including design of competency framework, online system, traning and debriefs.  What is driving this demand.  For a recent newsletter of ours, I wrote an article about who corporate values and behaviours are even more important in challenging times.

The essence of the article, and what we are experiencing from our clients, is that great organisations know that managers need support, training, development and self-awareness when managing in difficult times.  In particular, younger managers who may have only experienced managing growth and positive change need support when under revenue and cost pressures.

Being consistent with your behaviours and values says alot about you as an organisation.   Assuming that we want to be around for a long time ensuring we handle challenging times as well as we handle the good times leaves employees with a certainty and even a loyalty that can be lost if tough decisions are poorly handled.

We believe that great performance appraisal processes and well thought through 360 degree appraisal offers a supporting mechanism that they need.  It has been particularly rewarding to see our existing clients increase use of these tools and new clients arrive.


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