360 degree appraisal over the holiday period

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August is a traditional holiday period in the UK, with the kids off and most of us taking a 2 week break at some point during the month.  Getting 360s completed during this period can be challenging as a balance is struck between having a short enough period over which to track progress while allowing for people to be away or busy on their return.

Assuming that you cannot avoid August (or any other holiday period if not UK based) then our suggestion is that you are flexible.  The attraction of firm deadlines which you press people to complete against starts to fall apart during this period.  Better to be flexible and work with people than force them to complete in a rush to hit a timetable.  Schedule those debrief sessions with a bit of slack after the official close date and you take a lot of strain away.

Completion rates in 360 feedback vary widely.  We see 80% completion rates as the bottom end of expectations – much lower and you can break the credibility of the process.  Once you pass 95% you are often hitting diminishing returns for your effort.  Some care over who you select to give the 360 feedback can save heartache later chasing down completion.

And, if you are struggling to get the 360s done?  Focus on the important.  So, we want the self and line manager appraisals completed together with 2 or 3 of any other groupings.  Better to have good quality that great quantity.  So, chase the right people rather than continued, louder, general chasing.

It goes without saying that 360 degree appraisal software is useful in supporting you with this but it requires a human to sense the subtleties of when to remind – turn off the automated renewals!


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