360 degree feedback debrief : open training programme

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We often speak about the need to complete any 360 degree feedback process with a face-to-face debrief; firmly believing that the benefit to the individual comes through a facilitated discussion around their report that helps them come away with a balanced understanding and clarity as to what they should do next.

With this in mind, we are beginning a series of one-day open programmes that cover this topic in much more detail; from understanding the purpose of the debrief and your role as a debriefer, through to how to structure the session itself.

It has proved successful with all of our clients as an internal programme and has prompted us to make it more widely available to independent coaches, trainers and internal HR staff who wish to come along for their own development.

Our first programme is taking place on Friday 18th September and is now full, but we will be announcing more dates for later in the year subject to growing demand.

If you are interested then just drop an email to info@bowlandsolutions.com


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