360 degree feedback report – an alternative view

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The 360 degree feedback report is the most important element of the whole process.   It is what the recipient receives and what the conversations are formed from.  Here is a simple, effective layout that gives you just what you need for the behavioural element of the report

360 degree feedback report sample

It tells you exactly what the feedback was.  Look at the disparity in the direct reports.  How useful to know that range, rather than know it is 3.8 on average.  We use this style of reporting alot and we give 360 degree feedback debriefs from it on a regular basis.  It takes a moment to understand what you are being told but then it is just what you need.

Summaries with averages, and spidergraphs, and bar charts have their place and we often use them, but give me this structure any time I’m looking to talk to someone about what peoply really said.


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