360 feedback – suggested rating scales

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I confess – this is a note to myself.   We’re always asked for suggested rating scales.  The answer is often "it depends".  But here are 5 to get you going.

  • Role mode based
    • Role Model
    • Strong Peformer
    • Competent
    • Development area
    • Priority development area
  • Strength based
    • Strength
    • Appropriate
    • Development Need
  • Strength 2
    • Strength
    • Competent
    • Weakness
  • Effectiveness
    • Highly effective
    • Effective
    • Fair
    • Ineffective
    • Highly ineffective
  • Requirement
    • Area of strength
    • Fulfils requirements
    • Area for development

There are of course many – in particular there are frequency based which I have not included here.  I generally don’t believe the quality of performance appraisal or 360 degree feedback is affected by the rating scale.  I favour a mid-point (i.e. an odd numbered scale) but it’s not something we’d fall out about.  And I like to have a not applicable/no evidence for any rating scale as I’d rather someone didn’t know than they guessed.

Hope this helps you – its going to save me some digging next time I’m trying to consider options.


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