360 vision – a useful viewpoint

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I was talking with a friend about 360 vision in sport.  A rugby league fan, he referred to Phil Larder – a former England coach – as stating that the key to developing peripheral vision is by ‘understanding’ the images which appear outside the central vision.

Sometimes we get asked "why do 360 degree feedback?".  For anyone interested in sport this may prove a useful perspective.  Many manager’s have blindspots.  They build a self-image of themselves as a manager – often encouraged by others and reinforced through promotions.  They believe that their one style will fit all and that all team members are responding well to this style.

360 degree feedback can develop their self-awareness and understanding of how team members perceive them; providing them with a fantastic insight into how their management style impacts on others.

When debriefing 360 feedback we often look to see what level of self-awareness the individual has.  When you meet someone who is aware not only of how the majority of people see them but also those people not always on their immediate radar then you know you are working with an impressive individual.

I suspect Phil Larder was referring to something quite different.


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