5 tips for giving 360 degree feedback

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I’m talking here about the "comments" part of a 360 degree appraisal.  The bit where you have to explain yourself!

So, here goes

  • If you are short of time, then confine your comments to the areas that are development needs.  Not ideal, but the recipient would rather have a clue as to why you rated low, then reassurance of why you rated high
  • Describe the impact of behaviour.  If Fred doesn’t delegate – what is the impact on his direct reports?
  • Succinct please.  Neither the recipient, nor the debriefer, need oodles of detail.  The recipient will recognise what you are describing without describing how, why, when, where
  • If you are struggling, fall back on "When you do [fill this in] then I feel/find/imagine(delete as appropriate) that [say what happens].  It is simple and works
  • Use "you" rather than naming the person.  It is much more personal and open and makes you think about what you are saying more than when you talk about them as if they are not there (because they will be when they read what you have said)

I’m sure there are more … if there are, expect a "5 more tips for giving 360 degree feedback" soon.


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