80% of people want 360 degree feedback

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Interesting article in Personnel Today – which describes the behaviours that we want from our managers.  80% of people want their managers to use 360 degree feedback to evaluate their talents.

How interesting!  Now, as we supply 360 degree feedback services we like the look of that statistic for our own purposes – but what drives it, I wonder.  Let me come up with my ideas.

  • More than ever, people believe their manager does not have a full view of them
  • 360 degree feedback is viewed as fair and accurate (historic worries about it being used in a negative way have gone)
  • More people have had 360 feedback in previous jobs and want it again in thier new role
  • People want to give feedback on their manager – not negatively, they just want the opportunity.

The statistic reminds me of the Centre for Creative Leadership statistic research that says that most people are "feedback poor".  If this rings a bell with you – then get in touch via the blog or website or email on enquiries@bowlandsolutions.com; we would love to have the opportunity to support you in getting 360 feedback going in your organisation.


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