Changing question sets in 360 degree feedback

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A client of ours sent through a 360 degree feedback question set today for us to take a glance at.  The client had run their 360  last year and following a chat we had, he was looking to reduce some of the peer questions and questions that didn’t work too well last year (we gave him some reporting that helped identify where there were significant Not Applicable answering).

In the note, he asked whether we generally saw the same questions being asked year in year out.  The short answer is ‘yes’.  I got to thinking ‘why?’.

First, consistency gives you the ability to compare one period to another.
Second, you would expect that the behaviours desired wouldn’t change too much from one year to another.
Third, if they do change then you would expect it to be a subset.  Perhaps change management becomes more relevant one year than another.  Perhaps a employee survey has identified an area you would like to research and highlight.

360 degree feedback both gains feedback for the individual – allowing them to make their great choices – and sends the signal of what the organisation values.  Consistency makes sense here.


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