Encouraging conversations from 360 degree feedback

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360 degree feedback offers many opportunities for conversations.  Indeed it is our belief that this is one of the most positive outputs of a 360.  Starting with the handing over of the report a number of opportunities are open to have a conversation that can lead to improved self-awareness and changes in how the recipient acts.


This conversation can clarify the report, challenge misperception, and begin to discuss next steps.  A skilled debriefer is not a passive party to the debrief but has so much material that their own opinion is rarely required.  This should be an illuminating conversation.

Line manager

A line manager should be interested in the 360 feedback received by their direct report.  It gives the line manager a broader perspective than they may already have.  A conversation is inevitable that discusses the insights and looks to the plan of action.  This should be an active conversation

The respondents

Whether en masse or as individuals, the recipient of 360 feedback has a real opportunity to discuss the feedback with respondents.   As well as demonstrating their willingness to talk about the feedback, it allows the recipient to discuss actions they are looking to take and how that would be received.   More than anything this should be an open and honest conversation.

Many of these conversations are outside of the control of the organisation.  But the organisation can frame the conversations and give support for them.  Most of all,  I suggest, they should encourage those conversations.


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