Get the measures right for 360 degree feedback or performance appraisal.

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I’ve been working on analysing how our various marketing channels work for us.  It was a great reminder of the need to measure everything!  Its all very well having a feel for it, but a bit (or a lot) of data is very very useful.  The next trick of course is to have that data in an organised, simple, to-hand format that you can readily review and make decisions from.

Not hard to see the parallels with 360 degree feedback or performance review.  If I would like to discuss performance or development of an individual, some data (not necessarily numerical) is a great starting point.  Gut feel only gets you so far.

The work coincided with handing over a draft competency framework to a client.  We’re putting a lot of effort in to asking the right questions of the client’s managers.  They’ll be using the framework specifically for a 360 degree appraisal process and it will be more than helpful if we get the measurement framework right first.


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