How to create a great 360 feedback report

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A great 360 degree feedback report always supports a great conversation with the recipient of that report – that is the purpose of the report.

We have found that in many cases there is a template for the structure of a great 360 degree feedback report. We often follow this structure

  • Summary table of who has given feedback; saves looking it up
  • Overall, by competency, tabular summary of feedback (not averages); gives that headline view
  • For each competency, a tabular summary of feedback; start to build the detail
  • Within each competency, graphical representation of feedback for each behaviour with a summary of the narrative comments received; the body of the report and where conversations are formed

We use various graphical reports to meet specific client requirements but this structure holds fairly well and supports an organised, clear debrief – which is of course the point.


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