Keeping track of an annual performance review

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One of the key benefits in using an electronic performance review system is the ability to monitor progress quickly and accurately. As the information is all in a central database, a manager or adminstrator can run reports and see how things are going. This knowledge is vital in driving the process through to conclusion.
With this in mind, we have recently been taking steps to ensure that this information is as easy to access and relevant as possible. Rather than having to run a report on progress, we now offer the option of showing a ‘tree view’ of the organisation’s staff on the manager’s homepage.

Using the tree view, a manager can log in and see each member of staff who directly reports to them. Selecting a member of staff in the tree ‘expands’ their section to reveal the appraisal forms they have completed, and any subordinate staff who they have to appraise in turn. If a member of staff, and all of their reports, have completed the performance appraisal, the whole folder is highlighted in green.

This at-a-glance approach to progress monitoring means that your managers don’t have to dig through a report to see what the state of play is; the simple colour coding makes sure that nobody gets missed out. It also makes it easy to see the status of a large amount of staff very quickly.


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