Make It Easy On Yourself – Bowland Vanilla

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Bowland Vanilla offers our clients the chance to run a non-branded 360 degree process for any number of recipients, being a fully managed on-line 360 feedback service it takes away the administrative burden from our clients.

Clients pick from a selection of competencies and behaviour questions (we’re happy to look over these if required), provide us with the recipient and respondent details and we do the rest. We send the invites, reminders, monitor the completion rate and let the client know how it’s all going at key stages of the process. When the 360 is over PDF reports are available on the same day that the final feedback is completed.

Feedback from clients has indicated that they have found the Bowland Vanilla process

  • simple
  • stress free
  • effective

So as the Walker Brothers once sang ‘Make it easy on yourself…’


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