Performance Appraisal Forms: from Paper to Screen (Part 1)

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Many of our customers use our software as a means of cutting out the proliferation of paper forms that go hand-in-hand with a manual performance appraisal process.

In this series of posts I’ll try to explain the steps we go through in moving a customer’s existing paper-based form into an electronic format, and the benefits that are associated with doing so.

Who are you?
This is the first question a paper form will commonly ask the appraisee; pre-printed forms tailored individually to an appraisee are very costly, so employees usually end up re-entering their own details onto the form, or their manager will do it on their behalf.

This need not be the case with an online performance appraisal. We are able to import employee data from many HR systems and/or user directories, allowing us to pre-populate a user’s appraisal form with all the relevant information. It’s a small detail, but not having to identify themselves to the company they work for makes the appraisee feel part of the process, let alone saving time that could be better spent elsewhere!

More to come soon.


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