Performance appraisal white paper

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I’ve just completed writing our performance appraisal white paper.  After a little editing from others and a lot of effort to make it beautiful this will be available to all of our newsletter subscribers.  If you are interested in the white paper then please do subscribe to the newsletter from our blog or from our website.

In outline, the white paper is structured in the order that we recommend you think about performance appraisals; gives some background thinking on each topic and lays out the decisions you should be making.  Performance appraisals are not an area we feel you can be too prescriptive on – what works for one client does not necessarily work for another.  So, we hope this approach gives you the topic areas you need to consider and the framework to tailor your current performance appraisal forms and systems or build a new structure completely.

Get in touch one way or another (if you would like to get a previously issued 360 degree feedback white paper then be sure to use the contact us form on the website and mention it in the notes – we only need your email address if all you want is to subscribe).


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