Questionnaire Management for 360 feedback

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Managing questionnaires for 360 degree appraisals is seen by some as an onerous task. In many cases, there are different questionnaires for each type of respondent (e.g. Self; Manager; Peer) but these questionnaires might only differ in phrasing or perspective, since they almost always follow the same competency framework. This flexibility can help to get the best responses, but takes its toll on the administrator!

To offer some assistance in this area we have recently launched a Questionnaire management control panel. This tool allows HR administrators to build questionnaires automatically from their core competency frameworks, then clone them and tailor to the desired respondent type. The questions will automatically be linked to the relevant competency area (and can be changed if required). Question type, pagination and informational text can all be controlled and updated in real time.

While less frequently edited, the framework itself can also be managed within the system; new frameworks can be created from scratch, or cloned from existing. Once the framework has been finalised it can be converted into a questionnaire (or a series of questionnaires) very easily.

Time taken perfecting a 360 feedback questionnaire will result in a product that is more relevant and meaningful to the respondents. Our control panel ensures that you can keep this time to a minimum.


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