The power of positive feedback

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Please forgive the lack of humility in this post – I want to illustrate a point and this is the best way!

Yesterday  I was recommended on linkedIn.  The person; Bob Bell, is someone who I have known for some time and I had previously recommended his work.  Bob wrote

"Brendan has a pragmatic approach to providing HR systems solutions which really impact a business. His previous experience of a being a Senior Operations Director enables him to have the appropriate level of insight ensuring that the software solutions delivered provide true added value"

It is an odd thing reading positive feedback about yourself.  I found it had a number of effects.

  • It reminded me of what I was good at
  • It made me want to live up to that feedback
  • It gave me a general lift

In 360 degree feedback you see a good amount of positive feedback and when debriefing the feedback we often take a lot of time to ensure that the recipient picks up the positive feedback rather than just hunting down the negative.  It is also a great reminder that in performance appraisal processes in general there should be a balance of feedback.  Not just because it is soft and fluffy but because it has real positive benefits for the recipient.


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