Using benchmarks in 360 degree feedback

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Across some of our clients, and across a number of sectors we are being asked to provide some benchmark feedback on 360 degree appraisal.  Organisations are increasingly interested in knowing how their manager or professional compares to a peer group within the organisation or in similar industries.

We are also looking at supporting organisations in determining how their company compares to others.  The aim here is to simply provide an overall benchmark "score" from a peer group.

As long as you can accept the compromise of a standard question set (or at least a core set of standard questions) then we can support this requirement.  We’ll have some views on how you best use your data and we’ll also like to guide you on how you balance this numerical information with the rich narrative and diversity of 360 degree appraisal responses.

Not for the first time, we find our customers nudging us in a certain direction and we like it!


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