Why are you doing performance appraisals?

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Not wishing to be provocative – just want to make sure we ask this question every now and again.  And I’m not trying to lead you to an answer of "we don’t need to do them".  But, rather than just do performance appraisals every year because you always have done, just take out a 2 hour session with a couple of colleagues and write down – why are we doing performance appraisals?

We think you will come up with two distinct sets of reasons.  Organisational reasons and indvidual reasons.  The organisation reasons will be around monitoring performance, identifying learning needs.  The individual reasons will be more about ensuring that everyone knows how they are doing, giving opportunity to describe what they would like to do in the future. 

Of course the clever part is – after you have written down these reasons you have to ask.  Does our performance appraisal process and system deliver against these objectives?  Inevitably there will be gaps and this offers the opportunity to tweak and improve the process for all concerned.  If the process and system has so evolved away from the original purpose then a complete rethink may be in order.

We often work with organisations that are in these stages – let us know if we can help you by getting in touch via the website.  If you’re likely to be interested in the future, sign up for our newsletter and we’ll keep in touch that route and send you white papers as they arrive.


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