Underpinning Leadership Development with 360 Degree Feedback

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A quick scan of the latest ‘how to run a business’ publications to emerge, reveals a large number which focus on the importance of leadership, and the ability to assess great leadership behaviours through 360 degree feedback.

It probably comes as no surprise that as we are navigating our way through an economic crisis, recession and some fundamental changes in the way we work, that people need their leaders to exhibit behaviours which show strength in the face of the adversity, coupled with a humility which enables them to be open to new ways of working, drawing ideas from their people and their changing environment, and being resilient in handling the ambiguity they face.

Successful organisations which manage these storms appear to invest a great deal of time in developing their leadership ‘bench strength’, having clear succession planning and a talent management approach which supports both.

One book which caught my eye was "One Page Talent Management" by Marc Effron and Miriam Ort; it looks at some of the key activities grounded in academic research which yield results.


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Date confirmed for next free 360 degree feedback seminar & webinar

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We are very pleased to announced dates for our latest seminar & webinar entitled "How to successfully implement a 360 degree feedback process within your organisation", on Wednesday 21st July and Thursday 22nd July respectively.

This popular seminar is now running for the third time and offers attendees a great opportunity to learn, share best practice, ask questions and network.

By the end of the seminar, you will:

  • Understand the critical factors that will ensure success when introducing 360 degree appraisal into your business
  • Take away a checklist to help you work logically through the implementation process
  • Appreciate the key principles that will help you design a great questionnire, communicate effectively to get company wide ‘buy-in’ and facilitate face-to-face debriefs.

If you cannot join us for the seminar then please do sign up for the webinar, where we will be sharing the same content.

You can register for either event through the ‘Free Stuff’ registration form to the right hand side of this blog post.

We hope to meet and speak with some more of you next month.


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3 steps to great 360 degree feedback

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360 degree feedback can become complicated.  Often there are some tricky things to think through.  What is useful when you are putting together a 360 feedback project is to have some key points to focus on and to test your solution against.  My three are

  1. Ask the right questions
  2. Follow a well-structured process
  3. Have a great conversation around a great report

If you check whatever 360 feeedback process or service you devise against this list then you will do ok.  Are we asking the right questions?  Is our process well-structured?  Are the people involved going to have a great conversation around a great report?

Our 360 degree feedback white paper expands on these – but don’t lose track of these simple requirements.


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Wisdom…a missing competency in 360 degree feedback?

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We often work with our clients in designing their competency frameworks to support a 360 degree feedback process and I have become conscious of some subtle shifts in what is expected of leadership teams in the new, ambiguous and changing world we find ourselves in.

Most notable is a desire for leaders to exhibit resilience, tenacity, an outward looking focus and agility; these underpin an ability to respond and overcome constant challenges, where the answers aren’t always readily known and one must make decisions on the information available.

Information abounds, data is all around us, but it is the ability to make sense of this and apply it sensibly that can distinguish ‘good’ from ‘great’.

To this end, I am reminded of a quote which unfortunately I cannot attribute, which states:

"Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad"

Let’s get ‘Wisdom’ in the mix with 360 degree appraisal!


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