Using 360 Degree Feedback to build better teams

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As teams come together to work towards a common goal, there are a multitude of factors that can hinder them; some people define these as dysfunctions.

To counter these dysfunctions, a team needs to display high team performance behaviours which they can hold each other accountable to, such as trustworthiness, being results focused, committment, and the ability to handle conflict constructively.

360 degree feedback around those behaviours the team has defined as essential to it’s succces, is a great way to both recognise and affirm team members doing things well, and at the same time, enable them to highlight unacceptable behaviour or ways of approaching their work which need to change.

Such a process can happen at an individual level or at an aggregated level where the team itself is the recipient of the feedback; each member considers to what degree they observe certain behaviours in the team and this allows for a picture to emerge of what needs to change from a team perspective.


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