360 Degree Feedback; praising effort not just outputs

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 A neat little article caught my eye recently discussing the value of feedback which focuses on effort rather than just necessarily attributes; useful in 360 degree feedback.

The article in the BBC magazine here touches on how feedback presented as applauding just the attributes can have a negative effect; noticeably in students, praising effort by saying "I can see you worked hard in putting that presentation together" may actually yield better performance in the future than saying "You are great at presenting".

The latter can start to foster a ‘fixed mindset’ which sets people up to succeed or fail according to their beliefs around what they good at/bad at.

By comparison, the first phrase stimulates a ‘growth mindset’ whereby the student perceives that their success/failure is directly attributable to their effort and so can decide to make more of an effort next time if desired.

Interesting when it comes to our own children; how often do we go for effort rather than attribute….I have my own hand up here for sure!


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