360 Degree Feedback….there’s an App for that….

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Without wishing to come over as a 360 degree feedback purist, I do feel a little dismayed at a new ‘App’ which I see is now available for the iphone.

The new ‘Who am I’ app, allows you to rate yourself against personality traits and then have others do the same.

Perfectly fine, but to label it 360 degree feedback seems to be far fetched and somewhat removed from what we naturally see as a process designed to bring together feedback on a series of observable behaviours in the workplace.

More importantly is that it reduces the process to simply the software element; what if you send out the requests and it comes back saying you are ‘unlikeable’, ‘unsophisticated’ and ‘ and ‘unreliable’….is there an app to help you through that?

I didn’t see ‘Curmudgeonly’ on there as a trait, but I might tick it for myself if I do buy the app.


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