A Royal Wedding complete with 360 degree feedback behaviours

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With it being near impossible to not know there is a Royal Wedding this week (Friday, just in case you had missed it), I mused on the traditional wedding vows which are often the centrepiece of the ceremony whilst thinking about 360 degree feedback….I know I should get out more….

The vows lay out what both husband and wife can expect of each other in their married life together; love, care, support, respect, faithful, etc.

They convey both what they are committing to in terms of behaviour and set out the groundrules for what they want from their partner in marriage.

This is what we do with 360 degree feedback; we set out expectations and define behaviours which we believe will make the ‘marriage’ work – this might all sound rather tenuous by way of a link, but considering we often spend more time with our work colleagues than our spouses, it’s not a bad one.


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