New Whitepaper and Seminar – Successfully Implementing 360 Degree Feedback; a guide for HR professionals

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We are really pleased to announce the release of our newly revised edition of our 360 degree feedback whitepaper – "Successfully Implementing 360 Degree Feedback; a guide for HR professionals".

This edition offers a fresh perspective on the end-to-end process involved in undertaking 360 feedback in any organisation and is a practical, comprehensive look at the steps required to ensure any such project is a success.

From planning and design of competency frameworks, questionnaires and reports, through to communication, training and face-to-face debriefs, this handbook will help HR professionals, Learning & Development partners, HR/Management consultancies, and coaches approach a project with confidence.

Critically in a completely new section, we evaluate the importance of 360 reporting; the different types you can consider and what works best and when.

To support the release of this new whitepaper, we are also running a free seminar on this topic tomorrow, Wednesday 12th October, in London; for details, simply register in the sign-up box in the right-hand column of the blog or on the website.

We hope you enjoy this new edition; if you are already registered with us then you won’t be able to subscribe to again, so just drop an email to me at and I will forward a copy directly.

Look forward to seeing some of you at the seminar tomorrow.


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