Performance Appraisal; a ‘protected conversation’?

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Recent news report on Nick Clegg declaring the Government’s desire to help employers tackle the fear of employee/employer tribunals, by creating ‘protected conversations’ which are ineligible in such proceedings.

Taking aside the fact as to whether it will indeed help remove supposed tiresome ‘red-tape’ for companies and fuel economic growth, it seems like an idea ripe for abuse, potentially by employers and employees alike.

There is no doubt that underperforming employees can be a serious drain on an organisation, but often ineffective line management can be the critical underlying element.

Open and honest communcation between employees and their line managers is needed all the time, as part of the ongoing cycle of performance management, performance appraisals and continuous feedback, not just when things can be taken ‘off-the-record’.

Such a device could serve to undermine the relationship between an individual and their boss, as well as hiding potentially poor line management skills and lack of confidence.


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