Performance Appraisals; a top 5 checklist for having the right mindset

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In a previous post I referenced a CIPD presentation which I had delivered on the importance of feedback in the workplace and how it underpinned employee engagement and hence improved organisational performance.

There were 3 key elements to consider; context (which was covered in the previous post), mindset and process/model.

Let’s take the second element, mindset; what makes for the right mindset when approaching performance appraisals?

If you believe it to be a waste of time, an awkward conversation where you chastise a direct report, and largely ineffective, then it will be all of those things and more.

Shifting your mindset to one which is more constructive is a big step, in any endeavour, and for performance appraisals we would suggest the following checklist as a starting point:

1. Research has shown that those managers who have a genuine interest in the wellbeing, performance and development of their direct reports, and thereby enjoying closer relationships, are better able to enhance engagement within individuals.

2. With closer relationships, founded on trust, more open & honest conversations can emerge.

3. Conversations are two-way, and performance appraisals should be just that; a dialogue not a diatribe.

4. Conversations are ongoing and build on each other; performance appraisal is a continuous and ongoing cycle of conversations, not a singular event.

5. The nature of the conversations are centered around feedback, based on evidence, and with a genuine desire to help an individual to learn and develop.

This checklist is by no means exhaustive but helps focus the mind on the individual and the conversation rather than a process to be completed.

More to follow; if there is interest in the whole CIPD seminar and a desire to run it with your own team or group then do let me know.


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