Using 360 Degree Feedback to understand organisational development needs

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When we conduct face-to-face 360 degree feedback debriefs, the amount of anecdotal evidence we collate can be significant both in volume and importance.

If we have met with all of the senior leadership team within an organisation, we find ourselves able to spot very high level themes emerge that point not only to potential learning & development needs for that group of leaders as a whole, but also strategic issues which may critical to the organisation’s ongoing success.

An example might be that the executive board within the business believes itself to be effective, but through 360 feedback debrief conversations it becomes apparent that it is widely seen as dictatorial and lacking the ability to draw in views and opinions from other senior managers across the company.

The result is a deteriorating morale amongst the senior leadership team and a company failing to harness all of the available talent, ideas, and skills of it’s management team.

Now such a scenario may come under discussion in board/senior management meetings, but sometimes the pervading culture can mean individuals keep their head below the parapet.

360 degree feedback can offer substantive data which an organisation can use to great effect and it shouldn’t just been seen as feedback for the individual; everyone operates in a system with cause and effect.


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