Cultural differences highlighted in 360 degree feedback?

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An insightful article within the Harvard Business Review Blog, as one would expect, regarding the results of Scott Edinger's experience in conducting a 360 degree feedback proccess as part of a leadership development initiative within a firm at it's Chinese Headquarters.

Initially, it seems to be that there is a clear 'East/West' divide, with leaders in China being perceived more favourably by their respondents against the same leadership dimensions, as compared to their US counterparts; a myriad of reasons come to the fore as to why this might be and no doubt one could speculate endlessly.

However, I liked the switch of focus within the article that simply asked a different question; looking to similarities rather than differences. This drives the article to a more interesting conclusion which highlights actually how regardless of culture, the expectations of business leaders is somewhat consistent; the ability to inspire, motivate, and get results.

Our own experience mirrors this in many ways; despite clients having tailored competency frameworks which underpin 360 degree feedback for their leadership development initiatives, those desired leadership competencies have many universal & common themes each time.

The culture of an organisation then, will then more often imprint itself through language, terminology, phrasing and style of the competencies.

Great leaders create followers, and more leaders, wherever they find themselves.






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