Some early results from our Performance Appraisal survey

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We currently have a survey open and are still welcoming feedback on people's experience of Performance Appraisal; there is an opportunity to secure a free line manager training session for your organisation if you participate, and the full results will be sent to you in a report when complete.

To participate, just follow the link below – It's a very short survey and should take no more than 2 minutes:

Implementing Performance Appraisals Survey

Results so far….

Performance Appraisal Flowchart

In the meantime, I thought I would share some early results and indicators which highlight some interesting insights into how organisations are implementing performance appraisals and where the difficulties may lie:

  • Not unsurprisingly, every organisation was conducting performance appraisals, with nearly two-thirds of those reporting above 85% completion rates; this is very encouraging considering that 75% were running these as a paper-based process.
  • Broadly two-thirds again reported that their performance appraisal process had no performance grade or rating, which then produced a similar result for those implementing 'Performance Related Pay'( PRP); the former result may seem more counter-intuitive than the latter. 
  • Of the narrative questions, the responses to what would improve their performance appraisal process, the two themes which are most prominent at this stage are organisational/senior management commitment, coupled with the capabilities of Line Managers to conduct constructive appraisal conversations.

We are going to let the survey run a little longer; these early results suggest there will be some more interesting themes to share and perhaps help spark some ideas for you as to  seek to implement your own Performance Appraisal process.




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