Don’t set yourself up to fail at Performance Appraisal time

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A punchy and interesting article on the looming prospect for many of the annual Performance Appraisal; again it reiterates the common sense refrain that ‘One annual performance appraisal, doesn’t make a Performance Management process’.

Critically the article outlines why many organisations may line themselves up to fail by placing too much expectation on the Annual Performance Appraisal, and then not unsurprisingly, having those unrealistic expectations not met; a recipe for failure.

We are busy again as we approach the end-of-year performance appraisal cycle for many clients who wish to ensure this conversation goes well – but what is different this year and which is great to see, is a firmer commitment by clients to extending the training of Line Managers beyond just the appraisal.

Clients wish to broaden the skills, capability and confidence of their managers to be able to set effective objectives, be adept at giving feedback as the next year progresses, and be able to coach team members to improve their performance as well as develop their skills.

Please get in touch if you wish to find out more about our suite of ‘Meaningful Conversations’ training programmes for Line Managers and employees.


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