How to bring Performance Appraisal and 360 Degree Feedback together

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A trend we saw some time ago of organisations implementing new performance appraisal systems with integrated 360 degree feedback has gathered pace and is very welcome – although particular care needs to be taken as you bring these processes together.

The belief that is fuelling this trend is that assessing performance against objectives, identifying learning & development needs, and setting objectives going forward, is not enough.

Defining desired organisational behaviours and soliciting feedback on these is an essential element of any effective performance management process.

The key to success in bringing together the outputs of both the performance appraisal and the 360 feedback into a meaningful conversation is to clearly recognise what they are designed to do; appraisal on the ‘what’ and 360 on the ‘how’; appraisal for evaluation, 360 for development.

Ideally we would suggest you try to keep these conversations separate (albeit that they implicitly inform the nature of the other) but sometimes this may not be pratically possible; in which case, encourage & train Line Managers to be adept at switching their mindset from one of evaluation and judgement in appraisal, to one of curiousity & exploration in the 360 debrief.


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