How to have a meaningful conversation about 360 degree feedback – Part 1 of 6

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You have completed the on-line 360 degree feedback process and the report is ready, but how do you extract the maximum value from this process for both the individual and the organisation? You have a face-to-face debrief.

What is the purpose of a 360 debrief?

Considering the broader purpose of 360 degree feedback which is to raise self-awareness and open up an individual to change and develop, it follows that the debrief is the catalyst for this process.
It is not a coaching session, rather its focus is to:
  • Help the recipient understand what the feedback is really saying to them
  • Help them accept that there is information they need to pay attention to
  • Identify any areas where they need to take action as a result of the feedback.

Meaningful Conversation

What is the role of the debriefer?

With this clarity of purpose, the role of the debriefer becomes more easily defined; they are there to:
  • Act as an intermediary between the report and the recipient
  • Facilitate their understanding of what the report is saying, not proffer opinion
  • Help them develop a realistic self-perception in relation to the chosen competencies
  • Confront defensiveness, excessive self-criticism, over-optimism
  • Provide in-the-moment feedback, if appropriate
  • Help identify specific development areas – but not to offer solutions
The accompanying mindset is one of curiosity and a desire to fully explore the feedback.
In the next we will consider what the key skills are of a debriefer.
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