How to take a strategic view with 360 degree feedback

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Many of the 360 degree feedback projects that we are now involved in with our clients, share something which wasn’t as apparent when we first started out some eleven years ago, and that is the realisation of just how rich the feedback gathered through the 360 process is.

Originally, we set up clients with a simple, tailored on-line 360 feedback system which provided them the ability to self-administer and run reports to share with the recipients. Over time, we began to support them more with our consultancy & design skills, to help ensure the competency framework which underpinned the process was relevant, resonant and reflected the business priorities of the organisation at that time.

The next step was to take an active interest in the debrief itself; the crucial conversation where the recipient sees the report for the first time, has an opportunity to explore it without judgement and identify strengths & development areas.

As we conducted more of these debriefs, particularly with senior executives within an organisation or partners in a professional services firm, it became apparent that the value of the 360 feedback process didn’t just sit within the report and for the individual.

Each debrief conversation through light on issues that pertained to that group of executives or partners as a whole entity; development needs for the group as a whole would become visible through these discussions as we joined pieces of a jigsaw, held by different people within the business; new feedback was coming into play.

We found ourselves with a rich body of data, both quantitative and qualitative; suddenly a 360 degree feedback programme found itself feeding into the strategic direction of an organisation rather than just an HR/L & D initiative which promoted organisation values, aided personal development and helped embed behaviours.

If you would like to know more about how our unique approach to 360 degree feedback could work within your organisation then do get in touch - we have some recent client success stories which highlight just how powerful a process it can be.


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