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A recent project with a client of ours highlighted again how a key consideration in making performance management conversations go well is often missed; this is the confidence and capability of the employees.

The common approach to improving performance conversations might begin with Line Manager training; better objective setting, giving feedback, coaching skills, holding the appraisal, etc, so they can hold an effective conversation with an employee.

However, if the employee finds it difficult to articulate how they have performed, particularly in regard to demonstrating the company values or behaviours, then the conversation can falter and ultimately have the employee not represent themselves in their best possible light.

The Line Manager cannot be expected to see every aspect of how an individual has performed; some is quantitative and can be assessed, but the qualitative  data is patchier, less clear cut.

If employees can learn the art of telling stories about how they have demonstrated the company behaviours in their day-to-day role, then a much richer two-way conversation can emerge, and the very act of creating and articulating those stories about  how they demonstrate the company behaviours, deepens their understanding of them.




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