Return of the magnificent seven

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A first note of apologies to all those who had been loyal readers of our blog over a number of years, only to see it stop suddenly last Autumn; it wasn’t our intention to leave people hanging like that, we just became consumed by work, which is no excuse, but is the reason.

As we started the year, new ideas began to form, new ways of working with our clients showed both results and real promise, so we began a ‘re-branding’ exercise which has had us examine every facet of what we do and how we do it, leading to a revised home page which starts to hopefully capture this in a succinct way.

That said, it’s a work in progress; there is more to do, and much more to share; client stories, new research, and live events which we shall begin to unveil over the coming months.

If you are still out there and reading this…..thanks.


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