Are you being reasonable?

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Our media relies to a large extent on unreasonable headlines.  They take an extreme end of a spectrum of responses to an event or new piece of information and suggest an exaggerated likelihood of an unlikely outcome.  Without getting too political; in recent years we would have been flooded by every Romanian through the opening of borders, lost every job through increases in working legislation, coped with extremes of weather of biblical proportions and either been the best or worst footballing country in the world based on one match result.  Our media is often unreasonable.  I wonder sometimes if it is contagious into other walks of life.  I often here people being unreasonable to each other at work.

Amidst the hysteria, most people are reasonable judges.  Indeed our legal system relies in part on the idea of what a reasonable man (perhaps updated to gender neutral language now) would do in a given situation.  When under duress though a number of us act unreasonably.  We lose perspective.  We make unreasonable requests of others and we have unreasonable expectations of situations.

Reasonableness is a great test of a given situation.  During the noise and strain of work, of targets, of meetings and pressure;  asking “is this reasonable” and even more importantly “am I being reasonable” is a great grounding.  It could certainly apply at home!

In Bowland’s line of work it is useful to ask – is this objective reasonable?  Are the expectations of this manager reasonable?  Would a reasonable person in this role with this training be expected to perform at this standard or better?

We all carry around with us a great dose of common sense.  I’d challenge us all to use it a little more often and be reasonable in our thoughts and actions.


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One thought on “Are you being reasonable?

  1. You know what, I totally agree with you, Brendan. If people consider their actions more, consider if they’re being reasonable in every step they do, I bet this world would be a much better place. More people should start developing this virtue. Thanks for sharing this!

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