My daughter doesn’t use facebook any more

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My daughter is 16 years old and doesn’t use facebook any more…she hasn’t updated her status “in months”.  ”None of my friends do really”.  I’m not sure this is the death knell of facebook just yet (by all accounts it has 50% of internet users worldwide…it will soon run out of humans) but it brought home some thoughts I had been having of the pace of change in our world.  A few short years ago my wife and I were facing the standard parenting dilemma of whether to allow access to facebook before our daughter’s 13th birthday.  Now among her friends it is old hat.  At that time I had to get up to speed on facebook, how it was used, privacy all that stuff.  Now my 11 year old son is not bothered about facebook (may not be the death knell but you can see a trend here) and like my daughter is much more interested in Instagram.

Instagram wasn’t invented when my daughter was convincing us she needed to use facebook.  Snapchat (I just don’t get it) certainly wasn’t around.

Other than desperately not wanting to be or sound older than I am, what is the point here?  Our children are adapting, changing, controlling, accessing the world at a pace of change that we did not.  They work in minutes when we worked in days.  They love using a tool that deletes images after 10 seconds.  In one generation we have gone from trips to Boots to get film developed to instant images on phones being deleted after 10 seconds.

The next generation are bringing that accessibility, pace, technology immersion to work and expect work, systems, processes, leaders to work with their way of being.

It’s very interesting and most of this new set of people haven’t even entered the workplace yet.




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