Simplify – simply fly

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I have a vague recollection that there used to be a logoed t-shirt with “Simplify – simply fly” on it.  Something to do with Google?  If I have inadvertently transgressed a trademark then I apologise now! This phrase came to mind today when I was reviewing some of the work we have been asked to complete in the past few weeks by clients new and old.  There is emerging a real drive to simplify: a drive to get back to the key elements of 360 feedback or performance appraisal and ensure those key elements are done well.

This suits a long running philosophy of ours to keep the process/system “quiet”.  It is the conversation that matters in both feedback and appraisal processes.  And by simplifying process, form, questions and other artefacts you let that conversation take centre stage rather than the process itself.

Simplify – simply fly.




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